About Us

Wawie's Beach Resort

The resort is owned by Mr. Warlie Constantino, the name of the resort was derived from Mr. Warlie’s son Wawie.

Paradise at the heart of the Philippines, that's the best we can describe our resort. Wawie's Beach Resort has quickly been recognized from the different part of the Philippines because of its untouched nature and many exciting activities. We have a true nature view. In spite of long distance travel we are being visited by thousands of people every year to discover how beautiful and pristine the island of Maniwaya, Marinduque is. Wawie's Beach Resort is located at Maniwaya Island which is a part of Sta. Cruz Town.

It will take almost an hour of boat ride from the Buyabod Port. While travelling to Maniwaya you may have a photo op and watch the bottom of the sea with visible coral reefs from the crystal clear water of the sea. Not far from the Maniwaya Island is the famous vanishing Palad Sandbar. A sandbar at the center of the sea that only appears from 6-9 AM and 4-6 PM. One of the must see near the island that will be reached through riding a boat. It will only take you a minute from Maniwaya Island to see this stunning work of nature. You may swim and take a selfie or groupie while walking on the Palad Sandbar. Swim on its crystal clear water of the sea, free of rocks and almost sand only sea floor. You and your family will truly enjoy visiting the Sandbar.

The other tourist spot that must see is the Ungab Rock Formation. Located at the Sito Ungab, Mongpong Island, Sta. Cruz that shares the name of the rock formation which is a cathedral like. It’s really high and estimated to be hundred feet from the sea water and with an opening at the it’s lower center that makes it look like an arch. It’s a natural bridge which one of its end is found at the shore of the beach and the other end is at the shallow water of the sea. Some of the tourists and the locals climb through the rock and dive to the sea. You’ll enjoy taking pictures from the natural rocks together with your friends and family. There’s also a nearby karinderya where you can eat if you’re hungry from exploring the islands and eat halo-halo to ease the heat of summer.

Unfortunately there’s no beach resort here to stay in if you want to stay overnight and beware also of the jelly fish in the sea. Wawie's Beach Resort theme is natural atmosphere where the owner wants to preserve the nature of the place for the visitor. He knows what the visitor wants, having a stressful work, who doesn't love an open resort with cozy winds and with untouched beauty of nature? The resort is purely made of native materials such as bamboos. It was also filled with high palm trees. Feel the breezy wind as it goes beneath the nipa hut. It was cold which you'll never want to open an electric fan and you can do activities any time at any moment.

What make us stands out from other beach resort? Here at Maniwaya Island, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, we have the best amenities and accommodation with a natural theme that most visitor loves and a relaxing view, comfortable and vibrant which helps to relieve stress and be new again.