How to travel from manila to wawie's beach resort via commute

How to travel from manila to wawie's beach resort via commute.

This blog will discuss how you can reach Wawie's Beach Resort at Maniwaya Island, Marinduque from Manila via commute. Please read carefully.

You may choose from two bus company JAC and JAM. They have a bus terminal at Kamias and at LRT Buendia or you may check their website and call their hotline. If you're from Novaliches or Bulacan area I suggest you choose the bus terminal at Kamias, but if you're near Taguig I suggest the bus terminal at LRT Buendia. Once you've got there hop in at the bus with a signage "LUCENA DALAHICAN" / "DALAHICAN" or you may ask the driver / conductor if the bus will stop at Dalahican Port. The travel time will take at least 5-6 hours depending on the volume of traffic. Sunday is the best day to travel since the volume of traffic is much less than other days. The bus will have 1 or 2 stop over to eat at a restaurant or to go to the bathroom. Sometimes they will stop over at their own terminal at Lucena. Food is not a problem but I suggest to not drink and eat a lot because it's a long time travel. Bus fee costs about 230 - 250 pesos. They also give discount to student, senior citizen and pwd so ready your I.D. as a proof.

After you've arrived at Dalahican Port, there are two shipping line you can choose from, "Star Horse" and "Montenegro". "Montenegro" has higher fee but lesser time travel while "Star Horse" has a lower fee but with longer time travel. Always check the departure time, the earlier the better. Travel time takes at least 3 - 4 hours to reach Marinduque's Balanacan Port. Estimated Ferry fees: 300 pesos + Terminal Fee of 30 pesos. They also give discount for student, senior citizen and pwd.

After you've arrived at Balanacan Port, look for a van or jeepney with a signage "Sta. Cruz". There are barkers also to assist you on where to ride. Van and jeepney costs about 80 pesos per person. Ask them to drop you at the front of Sta. Cruz Parish Church or Sta. Cruz Town Plaza. It will take an hour of time travel.

After you've arrived at Sta. Cruz, look for a tricycle that will bring you to Buyabod Port. It will cost you about 100 pesos for 1 tricycle and may take 20-30 minutes to get there.

The passenger boat at Buyabod Port to Maniwaya leaves at 6 AM and 11 AM. This will cost you 70 pesos each person. If you think you can't arrive within this time and you don't have a lot of budget to rent a personal boat which costs 2,500 to 3,000 pesos, it's better to rent a room after you've arrived at Sta. Cruz. You may ask the tricycle driver where you may stay overnight. There are some hotel nearby to choose from, you don't need to ride a tricycle to go there. It may cost you at least 1,000 pesos for 24 hours depending on the hotel that you'll stay in. The time travel to reach Maniwaya from Buyabod is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please note that the passenger boat will have a 2 stop at Maniwaya. Go down at the second stop. After you arrive at Maniwaya, look for a habal-habal or motorcycle that will take you to Wawie's Beach Resort. This will cost you 20 pesos each person.

To summarize it all, here's the list of itinerary:

  • Bus Terminal to Dalahican Port - Fare: P230-250 - Travel time: 5-6 hours
  • Dalahican Port to Balanacan Port - Fare: P300 + Terminal Fee: P30 - Travel time: 3-4 hours
  • Balanacan Port to Sta. Cruz Parish Church - Fare: P80 - Travel time: 1 hour
  • Sta. Cruz Parish Church to Buyabod Port - Fare: 100 - Travel Time: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Buyabod Port to Maniwaya Island - Fare: P70 - Travel Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Maniwaya Island to Wawie's Beach Resort - Fare: 20 - Travel Time: 5 minutes